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Morocco Library Project—My Second Home

"MLP is a project that made me think about sharing what I have learned through my experience, and helping others in my community to feel and benefit exactly as I did."

by Ferdawss Ben Malk

Do you believe that books can affect us exactly as people do? That's the lesson I've learned through my three years’ experience with Morocco Library Project (MLP), my second home and my inspiration.

The first time I met Ms. Barb Mackraz and learned about Morocco Library Project was during her visit to my high school, which is the beginning of my story. I used to be the coordinator of an English club in my high school. Books were and still are my favorite thing in the world, and MLP was the best connection between me and my hobby. MLP allowed me to live beautiful experiences.

While I was in high school I managed to read 50 books in different domains, and now I write book reviews about them for the MLP website. Thanks to this project I challenged myself in writing in English, so I wrote some articles, which will also be published in the Olive blog.

When I encountered MLP for the first time, I found people who welcomed and overwhelmed me with their kindness and encouragement for my work. They were always the first readers of my writings. Another addition that the MLP team can add to you is the feeling of real friendship with others who share the love of books.

As I mentioned many times, I was inspired by MLP and Ms. Barb in particular, and now I have inspired other people in my community. The beautiful part of my story is that I keep seeing that impact and feel it every time a friend asks about the title of a book I shared on Facebook, or when I read the compliments of the readers.

Small ideas can have a huge impact. This is the objective of MLP that we all work to achieve in order to spread the positivity and let people see what's going on inside books to discover what we found in all the worlds and adventures we passed through.

MLP is a project that made me think about sharing what I have learned through my experience, and helping others in my community to feel and benefit exactly as I did. I always had the idea of having libraries where I live so everyone can have access to books and knowledge. From this small dream came the idea of working on libraries in primary schools in my area. Because I see that as an adult now I still struggle finding books in different languages and domains, not only in my village but also in the whole country. So creating this kind of project in my area can achieve my childhood dream of seeing little kids reading and enjoying the different sides of the world between their hands.


About the Author

Ferdawss Ben Malk was a student at Al-Irfane High School in Taroudant, in the south of Morocco, where we established an early library project. She managed her school's English club and immediately became one of the most active members of Morocco Library Project. Today, Ferdawss is on the MLP Young Leaders team and is studying English at Ibn Zohr University in Ait Melloul.

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