A reverence for nature is a central value in everything we do, even in our literacy and library projects. We are at a critical point in human history, with environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity accelerating at a frightening pace. Together we must learn — or relearn — how to live sustainably with our environment and other life on earth. At OliveSeed, we see literacy, critical thinking, and responsible stewardship as intertwined, and we have an opportunity to inspire positive action through knowledge. We also believe that the communities we work with have much to contribute to the world's wisdom on living sustainably.

At the ground level, our approach is boosting education, building quality knowledge on nature and current environmental challenges, and collaborating on project-based learning that fosters local environmental leadership.  

Awareness inspires action

Since the beginning of Morocco Library Project, every library has had books on nature and the people who are working to protect it. The English Club at Chouiter High School outside Marrakech was so inspired by books about Rachel Carson that they formed an environmental group and planted 20 trees — and this is just one example.

The power of One

The beauty of Carson's story is that one woman sparked an environmental movement, and she did it with one book, Silent Spring. We want young people to know that they too, as individuals, can make a difference.

"Preserving natural resources around the world cannot be practically and truly done unless we start by developing literacy and raising the new generation's awareness that little things matter." 

~Ali Amhal, Ibn Sina High School, Biougra, Morocco

Management team, Morocco Library Project

Young OliveSeed leaders sharing their passion

FatimaZahra Taghlaoui giving a presentation in Khenifra about the poaching crisis in sub-Saharan Africa... and Mohcine El-alji teaching students in Chouiter about the need to take responsibility for the environment.


FatimaZahra and Mohcine were both students where we have high school library projects in Morocco. They developed their English literacy through this after-school program and their interest in environmental impact through their connection with OliveSeed. They're both now in college and on the OliveSeed team making a positive impact. 

Read Mohcine's interview with Amos in Kenya...

KENYA, 2021

Mara Girls Conservation Club

We are collaborating with Basecamp Foundation Kenya and the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) on a Conservation Club for Mara Girls Leadership School. The Mara Girls Library already contains the complete collection of books and guides about local flora, fauna, and conservation recommended to us by WCK. Now the Club is growing and will expand to more extra-curricular activities, including trips to the nature reserve.

In 2021, we are co-sponsoring a trip to the Giraffe Centre and the Sheldrick Elephant Orphange in Nairobi for the girls, and are developing a tree-planting program and conservation writing initiative.



Citizen nature journalists
In 2019, we ran a pilot program called Environmental Changemakers at three library partners in Morocco on climate change and plastics pollution, with support from the US Embassy. The teachers created their own programs, and we supplied materials.
In early 2021, we plan to expand the program to a student writing project about preserving biodiversity through their community's indigenous practices and traditional land use. This will be tied in with a tree-planting initiative near Biougra.

Join us in California!

We have events in the San Francisco Bay Area on environmental and literacy initiatives. On the environmental side, in the past few years we've hosted Amos Kipeen and Prince Harris Taga from Friends of Maasai Mara, Professor Rodolfo Dirzo from Stanford, and Goldman Prize-winner and Climate Trailblazer Hammer Simwinga from Zambia.

The goal of these events is not only to learn, but to make a difference!


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"Education, if it means anything, should not take people away from the land, but instill in them even more respect for it, because educated people are in a position to understand what is being lost. The future of the planet concerns all of us, and all of us should do what we can to protect it."

~ Wangari Maathai

founder of the Green Belt Movement

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