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"Reading is the most beautiful thing in life, simply because it is our window to the wide world out there and a bridge between cultures east and west."

~Nezha, age 16, Erfoud  

Testimonials from Morocco


from the blog
Morocco Library Project — My second home

"MLP is a project that made me think about sharing what I have learned through my experience, and helping others in my community to feel and benefit exactly as I did." (read more)

~ Ferdawss Ben Malk, Taroudant


from the MLP Short Story Competition
Draw your ideas with those letters

"All that matters is that you put yourself in that text. Put all the things that you feel and that you think about in those lines.... Because love and passion is all what makes us happy and proud of ourselves." (see her video)

~ Hiba Baqrtit, Taroudant


Brahim Aitbarka

"Every story matters"

(read more)


FatimaZahra Taghlaoui

"Helping others makes me

feel alive" (read more)


from the blog

The Access Language Center, sparkling the candles of readers

"We believe that bringing people together to read and discuss as a group is one of the best ways to inspire a culture of reading and to boost critical thinking!" (read more)

~ Ali Amhal, Biougra

"Don't let the 'If I' stop you..." ~Ferdawss Ben Malk  (read more)

Hafida Abdellaoui_edited.jpg

a letter from the Rif
Who is Malala Yousafzai?

"At first, I used to think that living in Rif was the hardest thing in life, especially for girls who are motivated and intelligent to go to school, but after reading the book that I found in our library..." (read more)

~ Hafida, Midar


from the book reviews
Have you ever fallen asleep while reading?

"Have you ever wondered how people find time for reading and fell in love with books? If yes, then you are meant to hear my story." (read her review and more)

~ Hanane Ben Belaid, Biougra



"As a supervisor, I have noticed that the mobile library makes teachers dynamic and community-oriented. Such a nice idea!"

A Celebration of

Young Women

"Reading is the most beautiful thing in life simply because it is our window to the wide world out there and a bridge between cultures east and west."


"Just in one year I was able to read more than 50 books. I cried with the characters as I rejoiced to their joy."


"Maybe one of the hardest things to do is to try picturing in words what simply can't be, and this is to me what it means to talk about how a package of books has changed the world around me."

A Sweet Thank-You

Ibn Sina's first English library has ignited the students' eagerness, broadened their horizons, and "sparkled their candles."


"It's time to respond to the Mother Earth call!" Students in Chouiter were so inspired by the story of Rachel Carson in their library that they formed an environmental club .


"I am the first woman in my family to go to college, and reading books from our library gave me the confidence and literacy." 


"Our team is focusing on solving one of the worst problems that Morocco suffers from, which is the absence of reading."


"The number of books that were checked out exceeds 400, which is a large number comparing with no books before the library."

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