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What we witnessed on our surprise visit to the first Manyatta Library 3 nights after opening

Nelly was a recipient of our Solar Home Libraries. She was able to keep studying during the pandemic and avoid marriage, and is now attending a top high school in Kenya.

FatimaZahra volunteered at our MLP library program, became a passionate reader, avoided early marriage, and mastered English. She is now attending university in the U.S.

Amos on what Oliveseed Kenya means to his community in the Maasai Mara

The teachers at Aitong Primary six months after we transformed an old storage building into their library

Just add flame! An artist remakes our Morocco Library Project logo using sugar, green tea, and fire.

Mouline Otieno, headmaster of Mara Girls Leadership School, interviewing Jackie, "ready to change this community"

A "live thank-you card" for their library, from the girls at Assadaka High School in southern Morocco

The boys at Maasai Mara High School dancing in celebration of books, the day their library opened

The student Brahim from Zagora, fired up on English, uniting people, love, mixed feelings, and changing the world

Hiba, winner of the 1st MLP competition for her story of a boy with autism, on putting "all that you feel in your text"

"Help us God, hear our prayer"

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