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Oliveseed Women's Work Center

Beadwork Arts
Sewing & Tailoring
Solar-Powered e-Mobility

In June 2023, we launched the solar-powered co-operative Oliveseed Women's Work Center, providing micro-enterprises, business skills training, and a sales channel for women in the Lemarti area, between Sekenani and Talek. As an income-generating enterprise, this enables the women to build their skills and strengths, and earn the income to pay their children's school fees and help support 15 extended families. We'll have more to tell you soon!

We are greatly blessed by your kind support. We grew up doing beadwork, but this is the first time to see such a wonderful project of a workshop. I believe this project will grow and open up opportunities not only for us but for the global community. We are excited to beautify the world with beadwork and art."

~ Mama Nainyeyie Kasoe
(translated from Maa by Amos)

From our groundbreaking with the women and elders

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