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STEM Learning Resources

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"Dream Pursue and Achieve"

We love the motto of this school, but how can they do it without resources?

On top of literacy and libraries, there are other critical education needs in the Maasai Mara. Students need knowledge and practical experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to progress in school and develop skills that will expand their opportunities. 


The Kenyan curriculum requires students to perform science experiments to graduate from high school and to be competitive to win a seat at a university in science fields — and yet, not one public secondary school in the rural area where we work had a functioning science lab.


We addressed this problem at Maasai Mara High School in Aitong. We had already developed a successful library here with laptops, and we knew the acute need for a science lab. We approached the headmaster and offered to provision a lab if he could find the space. With that, he worked with the government to build a science building for the campus. It took a year, but finally a beautiful building was ready, and we provisioned a comprehensive science lab in it with all the supplies and equipment needed to perform required experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics.

We are working on a solution to bring science labs to more schools, following our scalable model for libraries.

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