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Morocco Library Project Short Story Competition

Morocco has a rich storytelling tradition, and we're thrilled to help launch a new generation of storytellers each year!


The 2023 Competition

This year's theme is "family resilience"! Write an original story or a creative retelling of a Moroccan myth or folktale, in English and touching on family life. This competition is free and open to all high school students in Morocco, and we hope you'll find it fun and inspiring. There will be prizes at the end, and an anthology of selected stories will be published in ebook and printed form.

Learn more: Competition rules


Deadline for entries: April 25, 2023

Winners announced: May 25, 2023

MLP Winners 2022.png

The Team

Moulay Larbi Arbaoui, project manager & reviewer

Barb Mackraz, project manager & reviewer, U.S.

Mohammed Hassim, judge

Alice Calaprice, reviewer & editor

Mouhcine Abdechchafi, reviewer & judge


The ebook from the 2020 MLP Short Story Competition is available free on

If you'd like printed copies, please contact us.

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