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MLP Team in Morocco

Advisory Team of Teachers

Mohammed Hassim

Supervisor of English Teaching,
Ministry of Education

Past president, Moroccan Association

of Teachers of English

Ilham Haddadi

Grand Maghreb High School, Khouribga

British Council ISA Ambassador

Moulay Larbi Arbaoui

Sebou Middle School, Sidi Daoud

British Council ISA Ambassador

2020 MLP Writing Competition

Tarik Bouktib

Al Amal High School, Midar

Abdelhaq Elkouar

New High School, Erfoud

Mourad El Hanafi

Abdellah Chefchaouni High School,

Ouled Teima

Samia Boutoutla

Aboul Kassim Azzayani High School,


Lahcen Tighoula

Supervisor of English Teaching,

Ministry of Education, Agadir

Taoufyq Elmoussaoui

Chouiter High School, Chouiter

Basma Association of Teachers, Zagora

"I have taken part in many interesting ELT events nationwide. Morocco Library Project, though, is exceptionally different; its impact can be felt in our students’ mindset and behavior. MLP’s impact has gone beyond improving English as our schools’ primary aim to boosting students’ critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence, and motivation. MLP to me is that abundant source of hope, inspiration, and love. Students from underserved areas are giving more importance to reading as the real engine of change."

~Ali Amhal, English instructor, Biougra

Student Leaders

Brahim Aitbarka

Student, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech

"Every story matters"

Ferdawss Ben Malk

Student, Ibn Zohr University, Agadir

"Spreading my love of books"

Mohcine El-alji

Student, Sultane Moulay Slimane University

"Changing what is bad to be good"

FatimaZahra Taghlaoui

Student, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes

"Helping others makes me feel alive"

Youssef Aitha

Student, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes

"Making tomorrow more than better"

Mohammed El Wahabi

Writer & Global Citizen, Casablanca

"No matter how much discouragement"