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Parents everywhere share a great concern over the impact covid-19 is having on their children's education. We work with the Mara Girls Leadership School in Kenya, supporting literacy, conservation awareness, and opportunities for girls. With covid-19, the students of Mara Girls have been sent home. But unlike homes in the U.S., their homes have no light or power and no books.


In late 2020, we're working with our Kenyan team to respond to this need with a Solar Home Library: a robust solar lantern, a selection of books, and community support for the 48 families of Mara Girls. This will enable the girls to continue their education at home  and as they return to school, the Library will continue to provide light and literacy for the whole family. We are asking for your support.



 Your gift is tax deductible in the U.S. to the extent allowed by law. If we happen to raise more than is needed for these 48 families, we will apply any remaining funds to our current library projects at Mara Girls or Talek Public Primary School. Please contact Barb if you have any questions. Thank you kindly from the students, their families, and all of us at OliveSeed Kenya and the Mara Girls Leadership School!


Enable girls to continue their education — and light up literacy for the whole family.



Most families in the Maasai Mara live in traditional mud homes without light or power, and the inside is too dark for indoor activities. See the inside of a Maasai home.

Each family will receive a Sunbell Smart solar lantern.

  •  Powerful enough to light up the main room​

  • A hanging light, focused reading light, or lantern to carry in the dark​

  • 110 hours of light on a 5-hour charge​

  • Proven effective at local safari camps

  • Robust and built for long-term use



Each Mara Girls student will receive a Targeter Student Encyclopedia that combines enrichment material for all standard subjects in Kenya. This has been chosen by the teachers as a valuable supplement to their lessons.

Each family will receive a home library with 14 books for young readers that have proven to be popular in the Mara Girls library...

story books in English and Kiswahili from a popular series published in Kenya to help young people develop their reading skills...

and children's picture story books telling local folktales about East African animals, engendering a love of wildlife and books among all ages.



Mouline Otieno and her fellow teachers from Mara Girls will deliver the Solar Library to the 48 families, while also bringing school lessons, sanitary napkins, and food supplements. In this rural area, the team can reach 7 families in one day of travel. We are contributing to the travel expenses on delivery days.

Mouline Otieno

Head Teacher

Mara Girls Leadership School


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Our goal is to ignite a love of learning and for young people to know they can make a positive difference in this world.

Donations in the U.S. are tax deductible. 

We are grateful for your support.

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