Maasai Mara Public Schools Initiative

We believe that public schools should have the same resources as private schools. In the Maasai Mara, we're developing Learning Resource Centers at public schools that are so greatly in need. Each Center is a robust Library with curriculum enhancement materials, a wildlife conservation corner, laptops with eKitabu content, and an engaging variety of books in English and Kiswahili for pleasure reading and broadened learning — and more. We began this in early 2021 with a Learning Center for Talek Primary, with 1100 students. This fall, we're doing the same for Maasai Mara High School.


Everything is purchased in Kenya through our partner Text Book Centre (TBC) in Nairobi. We also engage TBC staff to set up the Learning Center and train teachers and student librarians to maintain the space and to create programs that will inspire the next generation to read, learn, and grow.



In early 2021 we completed the Learning Resource Center for Talek Primary, a public school with 1100 students in grades 1 to 8. Teachers are calling this a "Hub of Transformation." With over 2000 books plus laptops preloaded with Kenyan audio stories, games and puzzles, art and writing supplies, and a conservation corner on the flora and fauna of the region, this Center has become a model for the program.

Thanks to Nairobi media artist Luigi MK for creating this video story!


Please help make this possible for more schools!

These projects are funded entirely by donations. Your gift to OliveSeed Kenya today will fund a Learning Resource Center tomorrow and goes 100% to the project. Thank you.


Here is a glimpse of Talek Primary School outside the Learning Resource Center. This is a 3rd-grade classroom and well represents the other rooms at this school.