• Amos Kipeen

Coming Soon: Library & Learning Resource Centre for Talek Primary

We're busy working on a Library & Learning Resource Centre for Talek Primary School, on the eastern edge of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. This is a project we'd hoped to do in 2020, but with the pandemic, we set it aside to focus on COVID relief. We're so excited to get back to this now! Here's a quick update from Amos.

by Amos Kipeen

Yesterday I visited Talek Primary School for inspection and preparation for launching of a model library and learning resource centre. This public boarding school has 1100 pupils in grades 1 to 8. While I was there, the teachers were busy organizing their curriculum materials for the 2021 school year.

Amos with the head teacher from Talek Primary

We're ordering everything now from our partner TextBook Centre in Nairobi. Soon the room will be full of new books for learning and pleasure reading at all grades and levels, additional curriculum materials, ICT equipment, learning games, a wildlife conservation corner, and an arts corner. We anticipate to develop activities with TextBook Centre, bringing their staff members to Talek in January to aid in training of teachers and students in applying information technology and bringing books to life.

Our goals are to develop a culture of lifelong reading, help disadvantaged pupils from poor families, and finally get all pupils to improve their academic performances.

Thank you for Vincent Ontita and Barb for coordinating this project with the teachers and to Gregory Omondi at Text Book Centre!

Curious onlookers just outside the library, taken during one of our earlier visits. They are among the 1100 pupils at Talek Primary who will benefit from this resource.
Soon to be a beautiful library! Mama Zebra Foundation built this new library building for the project.

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A native of the Maasai Mara, Amos Kipeen is a lifelong conservationist and an activist for education and community empowerment. Amos is a board member of OliveSeed and director of OliveSeed projects in Kenya. He is also the founder and CEO of Mara Discovery Community & Empowerment Centre and program manager for Basecamp Foundation Kenya in the Mara.