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Humanitarian Assistance to Earthquake Victims in Tinmlil & Bouskin Villages

Entire villages in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco were devastated by the earthquake on September 8th. One of the hardest hit areas was Taroudant Province. We ran a fundraiser to help families in this area and were able to assist quickly, thanks to the teachers Ali Amhal and Omar Titki in our Morocco Library Project network who ran a relief program on the ground. They are from this area and knew what what was needed and how to get it there. Thank you to all who gave to this project.

Many homes had collapsed in Tinmlil & Bouskin

by Ali Amhal & Omar Titki

On September 8th, 2023, a significant earthquake struck the El Houz and Taroudant Provinces of Morocco, causing thousands of casualties and leaving countless families homeless and vulnerable. In response to this crisis, a collaborative effort was made to provide support to the earthquake victims quickly, including essential supplies such as food, blankets, tents, pillows, and sleeping mats.

The relief efforts on September 24th, organized by local volunteers supported by Mrs. Barb Mackraz and John Hockenberry on behalf of Morocco Library Project and Oliveseed Foundation, in collaboration with other local donors, focused on distributing vital supplies to the affected families in Tinmlil and Bouskin, two hard-hit villages in the Atlas Mountains of Taroudant Province. 32 families were beneficiaries of this support initiative.

The distribution included non-perishable food items to sustain the families, blankets to keep warm during the coming chilly nights, tents for temporary shelter, as well as pillows, and sleeping mats to ensure a more comfortable rest. It gets very cold in the Atlas Mountains and winter is coming, so the need for warmth is especially urgent.

The provision of these essential supplies had an immediate and positive impact on the lives of the earthquake victims. The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and relief, with many families visibly moved by the support they received. Despite the dire circumstances, the atmosphere in the villages was notably transformed, with the prevalent feeling being one of hope and gratitude. The community members were visibly happier and more secure, knowing that they were not alone in this challenging time.

The 32 families had been sleeping outdoors, as their homes have been destroyed or badly damaged. Some were sleeping under plastic sheets, which would not stay dry in the rains or warm in the winter.

Plastic makeshift shelters before the arrival of tents, blankets, and sleeping mats

The success of this humanitarian endeavor was made possible through the generous contributions of Morocco Library Project, Oliveseed Foundation, and other compassionate Moroccan donors. Their collaboration and financial support ensured that the necessary supplies reached the families promptly and efficiently, underscoring the power of community and partnerships in times of crisis.

In the face of adversity, the response from Morocco Library Project, Oliveseed Foundation, and other Moroccan donors exemplifies the spirit of unity and compassion. Through their joint efforts, the lives of 32 families in Tinmlil and Bouskin villages have been significantly improved, providing a glimmer of hope amid a challenging situation.

This event stands as a testament to the positive impact that collective action and generosity can have on communities facing adversity, reaffirming the importance of continued support for those in need.


About the Author

Ali Amhal is an English teacher at Ibn Sina High School in Biougra, in the south of Morocco; a long-time member of the Morocco Library Project (MLP) management team; and international liaison to the Oliveseed board.

In addition to teaching high school students, in 2020 Ali founded the Access Language Center in Biougra, a community center providing literature circles and language classes to people of all ages. He is also president of the local village NGO Ait Oumanouz Association for Development & Cooperation, providing support for rural Amazigh women and preserving and planting native argan trees.


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