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Lemek Hills Purified Water

In partnership with Global Water First, we are developing a Clean Water Project for the greater Mara North region, with borehole, solar pumping, storage, filtration, bottling, and distribution. This project will provide safe, certified, affordable drinking water to 20,000 people who currently do not have access to safe water, filtered through state-of-the-art reverse osmosis and ultra-purification systems. Sales of water to surrounding safari camps will help sustain the operation and our other projects in the region, including education and programs for women.


As of March 2023, the project is very close to completion. We'll have updates on this soon!

water Jan 2023.jpg

Up until now, families in this area had been getting their water from sources such as open pits and rivers shared with wildlife and livestock. Over 80% of hospitalizations in the area are the result of drinking unsafe water. This is a problem that we are solving.

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