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OliveSeed is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit public charity organization (EIN 82-1693564).

Donations in the U.S. are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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"In Narok County, a predominantly Maasai area, only 1 in 15 girls enrolled in primary school proceeded to secondary school. Girls’ transition rates to university are even less common: 2.4 percent in Trans Mara West and 1 percent in Narok North."

~Brookings Institution, July 2017

We're developing a comprehensive library and related enrichment activities for Mara Girls Leadership School, an extraordinary upper primary school in Talek, Kenya, on the edge of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. In an area where few girls have the chance to stay in school, Mara Girls provides a quality education for highly motivated girls from across the region, in a boarding-school setting modeled after the circular Maasai style of family living. This is a life-changing opportunity for girls aged 11 to 15 to focus on education — and to grow into confident thinkers and doers, courageous future leaders, and mentors and role models for other girls.

Mara Girls was built and is managed by Basecamp Foundation Kenya, in partnership with the community. Together, our goal is to nurture the hearts and minds of these future leaders.

When girls and women are educated... families, communities, and whole nations prosper.

Mouline, Jackie, and Sarah the day we finished Phase 1 in April 2019

"Mara Girls Library has already become of great help to the girls at school. They are able to study quietly in their free time now, which we never had before. The readers have been especially helpful for the beginners in building their language skills. We have seen that the girls are also becoming more confident from reading and learning. Three of the girls participated in the local music festival in June for the first time and proved to be eloquent public speakers at the event."   

~Mouline Otieno, Head Teacher

What's in the library?

  • A breadth of high-quality fiction and nonfiction, both African and international, for all reading levels

  • A "nature corner" with the complete set of wildlife and conservation books and guides recommended to us by the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya

  • Biographies of inspiring people, with a focus on women and Africans

  • "Golden Tips and Kenya Certificate (KCPE) texts" in all subjects, recommended by the Kenyan Ministry of Education to boost the Kenyan standard curriculum 

  • Easy readers in Swahili and English for building comprehension

  • RACHEL Plus servers for access to digital content including Wikipedia and the African Story Project

village of Talek

Narok County, Kenya

Mara Girls Leadership School has a strong connection to the Wangari Maathai Foundation, which aims to build integrity and courageous leadership in the next generation. Wangari Maathai started the Green Belt Movement in Kenya in the 1970s, inspiring thousands of women to plant trees, and was the first African woman and first environmentalist to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. We share these principles and the enthusiasm for this remarkable role model for women. The first books we brought, in 2017, were by or about Wangari Maathai.

In keeping with these environmental values, one of our next initiatives is a tech and journalism workshop for the school's Wildlife Club. 

Please help Mara Girls grow and thrive!

This program is funded entirely by your support.




  • Build local partnerships

  • Develop the library in collaboration with teachers & community leaders 




  • Study & measure the impact of the library

  • Fill gaps & improve the library from our learnings

  • Develop a database & checkout system to enable future expansion

next: 2019-20





  • Expand library access to students at neighboring under-resourced public schools (see below)

  • Study & measure the broader impact

Our approach is grassroots and collaborative. Everything is purchased in Kenya.

Ultimately, this library will be a model that can be replicated.

Phase 3: The Solar Library

Our long-term vision is to open up Mara Girls Library to others: to conservationists, to community members, and to children attending the 6 nearby public schools, all of which have no libraries or enrichment of this kind. We will begin this as a pilot in early 2020 with Talek Primary School, right next to Mara Girls. With their teacher's participation, students will be able to check out a book to bring home — along with a SunBell Smart solar lantern big enough to light up a Maasai mud home and to read by (provided by Basecamp Foundation Kenya). We will include extra children's books for this purpose, in English, Swahili, and Maa; and the students at Mara Girls will even help run the program!

We expect this program to reach 1000 Maasai children each year.

Talek Primary School, a public school just down the road from Mara Girls. Students here and at other local schools will also benefit from Mara Girls Library.