This is now a beautiful library.

We develop educational resources and programs in literacy and environmental stewardship, in collaboration with local teachers, students, conservationists, and communities. We focus especially on Amazigh communities of rural Morocco and the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. Our mission is to ignite a love of learning and to empower the next generation in underserved areas with knowledge, resources, and opportunities to become positive changemakers in this world.

Your gift will go directly to the projects, improving the trajectory of lives for generations to come. Thank you!

sage advice fom the student Ferdawss... "Don't let the 'If I' stop you..."

Launch of the Talek Primary School Learning Resource Center

Thank you to Nairobi media artist Luigi MK for this sweet video story about the first 3 days! We finished this project in February, and it's the first library and learning resource center of this scale at a public school in the Maasai Mara. We dream of doing two more before the end of 2021. Please help if you can, or contact Barb if you're interested in sponsoring a whole learning center.


The ebook of stories from the 2020 MLP Short Story Competition is available!​

The 2021 Competition is running now through June 30th.

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"I have taken part in many interesting ELT events nationwide. Morocco Library Project, though, is exceptionally different; its impact can be felt in our students’ mindset and behavior. MLP’s impact has gone beyond improving English to boosting students’ critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence, and motivation. MLP to me is that abundant source of hope, inspiration, and love. Students from underserved areas are giving more importance to reading as the real engine of change."

~Ali Amhal, English teacher, Ibn Sina High School, Biougra

How we align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for peace and well-being for people and the planet, and we focus especially on these three.