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We envision a world where everyone has equal access to high-quality education, sustainable livelihoods, and a healthy environment. We see these three values as interconnected and equally necessary to create a sustainable future for all. We work in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya and in Amazigh communities of rural Morocco.  

Maasai women artisans


In the Maasai Mara, we develop libraries and other educational resources at the rural schools and communities most in need. Soon to come, a Women's Center that expands on basic education to build vocational skills and sustainable livelihoods.

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Through our legacy program in Morocco, we have supported learners in over 50 Amazigh communities with English libraries tailored to their interests. The program now focuses on a nationwide short story competition for teens and young adults and an indigenous story project.

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Meet Aya! This summer, she placed 1st in the 2022 MLP Short Story Competition!

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Letters from the Maasai Mara, Summer 2022


May 2022


As the latest project in Mara Public Schools Initiative, we renovated a neglected old building in the center of Aitong Primary's campus and converted it to a learning center with 2000 books, digital resources, and conservation materials for 1100 students. It's already a beehive of learning activity. Our goal is for rural public schools to have the same resources as more privileged private schools.

May 2022


This spring, we built the first library and study center inside a Maasai manyatta (village). This humble little library in the manyatta of Ololchura brings books, portable lights, filtered water, and a well-lit space powered by solar to children right outside their doorsteps. There is no other power or light in the evenings in these manyattas. This is just a start — a pilot project that will launch an ecosystem of ideas at the village level.​

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Thank you to our solar partner MPOWERD and journalist John Hockenberry for this story on our programs bringing literacy and light into the dark.

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"Oliveseed is a program that is so close to my heart. It has brought a window of opportunity for this society through education, through livelihoods improvement, and through conservation. We are seated here in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, and all you can hear is the birds, all you can hear is the crickets and different kinds of wildlife species. This cannot be sustained without thinking and bringing a transformative program like what we have today in Oliveseed."

~Amos Kipeen, Aitong, Kenya

Co-founder & director, Oliveseed Kenya Trust

Founder, Mara Discovery Empowerment Center

Former manager, Mara Girls Leadership School


The ebooks from our student writing programs are available free on


"I have taken part in many interesting English Language Teaching programs nationwide. Morocco Library Project, though, is exceptionally different; its impact can be felt in our students’ mindset and behavior. MLP’s impact has gone beyond improving English to boosting students’ critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence, and motivation. MLP to me is that abundant source of hope, inspiration, and love. Students from underserved areas are giving more importance to reading as the real engine of change."

~Ali Amhal, Biougra, Morocco

Oliveseed MLP team member

English teacher & founder of Access Language Center