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First village libraries

We envision a world where people have equal access to high-quality education and sustainable livelihoods, enabling them to build a strong, literate, resilient community; create a positive future for the next generation; and become custodians of a healthy environment. 

We work in the Maasai Mara of Kenya among people who live closely with wildlife and are part of this community. We've been developing School Libraries, Learning Centers, Labs, and other educational resources here since 2017; and have developed a Women's Work Center, a Purified Water Facility, and Village Libraries that become community centers. Meanwhile, our legacy English Literacy program with teachers in rural Morocco, active since 2014, has evolved to a nationwide Short Story Competition for young people, with published books.

Aligning with the SDGs

We're committed to the mission of the United Nations to improve lives and protect the health of the planet through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We focus on these 6.


Fall 2023...

In September, we were guests of eco-architect Hitesh Mehta at the International Landscape Architecture Convention in Nairobi, as he introduced plans for our Center for Sustainability in Aitong. The elder Tilal Ole Sairowua, who came with us, spoke on the Maasai concept of "custodianship of nature" and why it's needed today.

The 2nd Manyatta Library is now under construction, in the village next to Olchorro White Rhino Sanctuary in Mara North. In a round style characteristic of the region, with thatched roof. Back in Ololchura, the 1st Manyatta Library has become so popular as a Community Center that the elder has asked us to expand it in 2024.


THANK YOU to all who gave to our fundraiser for earthquake relief in Morocco. We're helping teachers in our Moroccan network as they assist hard-hit villages in Taroudant Province. Ali Amhal and Omar Titka have already distributed supplies in two of the villages. Here is their report.

From the blog

2nd MLP Book.jpg

"Once upon a time in the heart of the Atlas Mountains..."

The anthology from the 2nd MLP Short Story Competition is now in print. It's available at the Alfajr Book Store in Fes, or contact us for digital copies.

The Tree of Peace

What does the olive tree have to do with the well being of humanity? A lot! The European olive tree (Olea europaea) has been a symbol of peace and reconciliation throughout the Mediterranean and Western worlds for millenia, since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans; it also appears in the monotheistic religious texts in this way. In Maasai culture, the wild African olive (Oloirien in Maa) has long been a sacred tree as well, signifying both nurturing and strength and still used in cultural ceremonies.

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