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2022 Was a Foundational Year

In the Maasai Mara of southwestern Kenya, we strengthen families and communities through access to quality education, sustainable economic empowerment, and stewardship of the natural world. We've been developing Libraries, Science Labs, Learning Centers, and other resources for rural schools most in need here since 2017, and the first Library and Study Center inside a traditional Maasai manyatta. In 2023, we're launching a Women's Work Center, a Purified Water Facility to serve 20,000 people, and a Community Education Center with the first Public Library in the rural Mara. We are part of this community.

Meanwhile, our legacy English literacy program with teachers throughout rural Morocco, active since 2014, has evolved to the nationwide Morocco Library Project Short Story Competition for under-represented youth, especially in Amazigh lands.

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Thank you to our partners BRIGHT and MPOWERD for these stories about our work uniting literacy and light!

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Why the Olive?

The olive tree has been a symbol of peace in the Western and Mediterranean worlds since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and that was the original idea behind our work in Morocco. In Maasai culture, the indigenous African olive is a sacred tree signifying both nurturing and strength. It's amazing how this humble tree, surviving droughts and wars through millennia, has taken on a meaning of friendship, strength, growth, and peace in so many places. It bears fruit over time and never stops giving. These are the properties we seek to cultivate at Oliveseed.

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