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2022 Was an Amazing Year!

Our mission is to uplift communities for generations through equal access to high-quality education, sustainable micro-enterprise for women, and responsible stewardship of the natural world. We see these values as interconnected and equally necessary to create a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future for people and the planet.  

We work in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya among people who live closely with wildlife, and we are part of this community. We've been developing School Libraries, Labs, and other educational resources here since 2017; and in 2022 we developed a Women's Work Center, a Clean Water Project, and a Manyatta Village Library. Meanwhile, our legacy English Library program with teachers throughout rural Morocco, active since 2014, has evolved to a nationwide Short Story Competition for young people.

Stories from the Field


Parents entering the Aitong Library for the first time

A Few of Our Education Projects in the Mara, Fall 2022


Aitong Primary School Library, a Dream Come True

We renovated a neglected building in the center of Aitong Primary's campus and converted it to a learning center with 2000 books, digital resources, and conservation materials for 1100 students. This is where Amos went to school as a boy.

The Manyatta Library

We built the first library and study center inside a Maasai manyatta (village). This humble little library in the manyatta of Ololchura brings books, portable lights, filtered water, and a well-lit space powered by solar to children right outside their doorsteps. There is no other power or light in these manyattas. This is just a start, a pilot project that will launch an ecosystem of ideas at the village level.


Literacy & Light

Many of our projects include solar lighting, whether roof-top for a Women's Center or portable for reading, Thanks to our partners BRIGHT and MPOWERD, and journalist John Hockenberry, for these stories.

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Young Writers in Morocco, Late 2022

Congratulations to the three prize-winning writers in the latest MLP Short Story Competition! We're working on the next anthology now and partnering with a publisher in Morocco. We'll be back to tell you more in early 2023. 

The olive tree has been a symbol of peace in the Western and Mediterranean worlds since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In Maasai culture, the indigenous African olive is a sacred tree signifying both nurturing and strength. It's amazing how this humble tree, surviving droughts and wars through millennia, has taken on an enduring meaning of friendship, strength, growth, and peace in so many places. It bears fruit over time and never stops giving. These are the properties we seek to cultivate at Oliveseed Foundation.

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