Morocco Library Project Short Story Competition

The 2021 Competition is under way!

This is a culture with a rich tradition of storytelling, and we are honored to help launch a new generation of storytellers from the deserts and mountains of Morocco. At the end, an anthology of stories will be published in a printed book for the MLP libraries and in digital form to share with the world.

Students, the theme this year is "Life in Morocco" — past, present, or future. If you'd like to participate:  Rules & details  |  Contact Larbi Arbaoui

Read a Selection of Stories from 2020


The Team This Year

Moulay Larbi Arbaoui, project manager

Barb Mackraz, project manager, US side

Mohammed Hassim, judge

Lucas Peters, judge & writing trainer

Khadija Sekkal, reader & judge

Mouhcine Abdechchafi, reader & judge


Meet the 2020 Prizewinners

"Draw your ideas with those letters!" - Hiba Baqrtit

Hiba Baqrtit

 Taroudant, Morocco 


Hiba's story, "Aiden," is an eye-opening and compassionate world view from the perspective of a boy with autism. Hear what she says in this video about empathy, and her advice for other writers. Hiba is a student at Med V High School in Taroudant.

Ikram Lekdaoui

 Goulmima, Morocco 


Ikram's tale, "The Humanitarian King," is a timely story of two mythical lands in an age of pandemic. One has wealth; the other does not. Guess what happens? Ikram is a student at Med V High School in Goulmima, and we enjoyed her cautionary tale of good and evil.

Fadoua Elaik

 Guelmim, Morocco 


Fadoua's story, "Siren's Curse," is a retelling of the Greek myth of the sirens, with a positive twist of saving people during the push and pull of happiness and heartbreak. She wove her story through dialog. Fadoua is a student at Excellence High School in Guelmim.

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