Morocco Library Project Short Story Competition

2021: The 2nd Annual Competition


Morocco has a rich tradition of storytelling, and we're honored to help launch a new generation of storytellers from the deserts and mountains of this fascinating culture. The theme this year is "Life in Morocco" — past, present, or future. To learn more, contact Larbi Arbaoui.

The deadline for submitting stories was June 30th, and the stories are now being reviewed. This fall, as we did for 2020, we'll publish an anthology of stories in a printed book for the MLP libraries and in digital form to share with the world. Check back in December for the stories! Thank you!

MLP Writing Poster 2021.jpg

Read the Anthology from 2020


The Team This Year

Moulay Larbi Arbaoui, project manager

Barb Mackraz, project manager, US side

Mohammed Hassim, judge

Lucas Peters, judge & writing trainer

Khadija Sekkal, reader & judge

Mouhcine Abdechchafi, reader & judge


Meet the 2020 Prizewinners

"Draw your ideas with those letters!" - Hiba Baqrtit

Hiba Baqrtit

 Taroudant, Morocco 


Hiba's story, "Aiden," is an eye-opening and compassionate world view from the perspective of a boy with autism. Hear what she says in this video about empathy, and her advice for other writers. Hiba is a student at Med V High School in Taroudant.

Ikram Lekdaoui

 Goulmima, Morocco 


Ikram's tale, "The Humanitarian King," is a timely story of two mythical lands in an age of pandemic. One has wealth; the other does not. Guess what happens? Ikram is a student at Med V High School in Goulmima, and we enjoyed her cautionary tale of good and evil.

Fadoua Elaik

 Guelmim, Morocco 


Fadoua's story, "Siren's Curse," is a retelling of the Greek myth of the sirens, with a positive twist of saving people during the push and pull of happiness and heartbreak. She wove her story through dialog. Fadoua is a student at Excellence High School in Guelmim.