Oliveseed Kenya Team

After running grassroots operations in the Maasai Mara for several years from Oliveseed U.S., Amos Kipeen and Barb Mackraz founded Oliveseed Kenya Trust in 2021 as a registered nonprofit in Kenya. We now run Kenyan operations from this on-the-ground organization, in collaboration with the many partners, teachers, conservationists, elders, and other local stakeholders we've already been working with.

Oliveseed Kenya Trust


Working Group, Maasai Mara Sustainability Center

Ian Reson, Amos Musyoka, Daniel Lemein, Amos Kipeen, Barb Mackraz, Ben Reson (chair), Fred Kariankei (vice chair)

Not pictured: Sintoyia Sengeny, Gregory Omondi, Alex Lekishon