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We work in the Maasai community living alongside the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, in collaboration with local teachers, conservationists, and community members. We focus on the towns of Talek and Aitong and surrounding area (see map).

The community is pastoral, with many families living a traditional way of life herding cattle. This is also one of the most wildlife-rich regions of the world, and much of the land is now Maasai-owned wildlife conservancies. Our approach is a holistic blend of educational support, community empowerment, and locally led conservation.

Oliveseed Kenya Trust is a registered nonprofit in Kenya and is partnered by Oliveseed in the U.S. It was co-founded by Amos Kipeen (local leader and native of Aitong) and Barb Mackraz (Oliveseed founder), with a grassroots team on the ground in the Mara.


  1. To strengthen education in the Maasai Mara by developing innovative programs and resources for schools and the community at large

  2. To develop opportunities for sustainable livelihoods that support self-reliance of families and communities and promote non-consumptive use of natural resources

  3. To protect and preserve the fragile environment and wildlife of the Mara, and build awareness and capacity of the local population to become guardians of the ecosystem and its biodiversity

  4. To provide clean, safe, and affordable drinking water for the community

Goals in 2022

  • Launch the Maasai Mara Sustainability Center near Aitong, building upon the sustainable livelihoods model from Mara Discovery Center, collaborating with our partners including Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, preserving surrounding forestlands, and developing public resources such as a library and interpretive center. The first phase includes a water facility.


  • Continue to strengthen education by expanding the capacity of local schools with quality libraries, computer labs, and science labs; encouraging literacy and self-expression by hosting writing competitions for students and publishing their stories in books; expanding our solar home library project; and supporting students in need through scholarships

Amos on Oliveseed Kenya & His Community