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Amos Kipeen's recent visit to the school to assess the need

A School in Need: Maasai Mara High School

It's not easy making it to high school in the Maasai Mara — and then succeeding. So much is working against young people here: lack of resources, poverty, homes without power or light, homes far away from the few schools, no transportation, the basic need to help families survive. The students at Maasai Mara High School in the village of Aitong are among the most motivated in Narok County. They're here because they've found a way to stay in school — the first in their families to go all the way, with some even going to university. After researching multiple secondary schools in this area, we determined that this is a school greatly in need and one where we can make a real impact. We are establishing a Library and a Science Lab for these students. We know from our previous projects that this kind of help makes all the difference.   

The school's motto: "Dream, Pursue, Achieve!"

Vision: "To educate, mould and nurture respectable and brilliant learners on Science and Technology."

Mission: "To provide the best quality education service to provide the finest learners able to compete on world-class standards."

But they can't do it without resources.

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Future Library

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Future Science Lab

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Maasai Mara High School is a public boys' school with 295 students and is expected to double in size in the years ahead. (We are already supporting local girls' schools.) The students come from rural families, and most need to live at the school because it's so far from their home. These motivated young people have overcome many obstacles in their lives to be here, and they deserve the opportunity to learn and grow.

Thank you for your support.