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Barb Mackraz,

2022 Letter from the Founder

[thanks for following us at oliveseed

based on a simple idea, working together, local level... amazing what one can accomplish through friendship and collaboration, sharing resources, bounty, listening to what people need

mission is to make it a permanent part of communities, touching many lives now and rippling to many more in generations to come

modern science and native wisdom... have much to learn from indigenous communities living with nature for millenia

each olive seed is a promise to become a life-giving tree [andrew]

one seed becomes a... and what better than an olive, the symbol of peace in so many places

if you're just joining us, oliveseed started in early 2014 as mlp, as an english language program for amazigh youth... from one purple library on the algerian border, it quickly spread to dozens all over the country... worked with the embassy, pc volunteers, and dozens of teachers, each of whom i count as a dear friend now... mostly focusing on the writing competition, run by Larbi Arbaoui

now we're building on the success of mlp, a lifetime of working in tech and environmentalism, to transform the lives of people in the MM, between national reserve and conservancies... EEE... organic, connected

human potential... one person, family, community at a time,amplified

environmentalists at heart... if don't have a healthy environment what do we have? quotes [crickets, ali, abdelhaq, 

Amos, leader in this community, former manager of MGLS, 


network of people who believe in literacy, knowledge building, equality, respect for others and the environment... the future of humanity and our planet is at stake, urgency, people come together no matter where you live

citizens of the earth... volunteers

from lifetime of working in tech, follow the approach of pilot projects , learn, iterate, refine, scale, measure... small and direct

used to ask people, do you remember the first time you walked into a library, you realized that the world is so much bigger than what you can experience directly... 

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