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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

~ Nelson Mandela


by resources, we mean to knowledge... resources... income-generating meaningful work... clean water


students each year in rural Maasai Mara who now have access to learning resources through quality school & village libraries


community members who have access to clean water from 


students each year in rural Morocco who now have access to learning resources in English through 45 school and youth center libraries


rural youth from marginalized communities who have become writers, with 75 published so far


students in rural Morocco who now have access to learning resources in English each year


extended families supported by women working in income-generating activities

students performing above averfage... accepted at top high schools... 100% MGLS

sanitary kits distributed to girls... 200 aitong 250 event

solar libraries in home... 48

filtration kits in homes and schools... 30?

trees planted... ?? with student involvements

first in famileis to go to secondary schools, avoiding marriage

solar powered


many of the things we do are the 1st of their kind... pilot projects, our approach is commnity learning, led by Moroccan teachers in rural locations or local community members, pilot project, iterate and improve, scale... 

1st library & youth center inside a Maasai manyatta

Olomoncho Village, Maasai Mara

FIRST English library at a public school in rural Morocco

"The Purple Library," Erfoud (later scaled to 40+)

FIRST comprehensive school library at a public school in the Maasai Mara

Talek Primary,

FIRST public English library in rural Morocco

Access Language Center, Biougra

FIRST science lab at a public school in the Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara High School, Aitong

FIRST solar libraries in homes

mara girls

FIRST latrines in the Mara built for people with mobility disabilities


FIRST solar lanterns for readers

manyatta and primary libraries


mara girls

how these scaled... impact... eg scaled moroccan libraries... 


impact is not just numbers... important is the effect that a program has on people... how does it transform lives

testimonials from mlp


"I have taken part in many interesting English Language Teaching programs nationwide. Morocco Library Project, though, is exceptionally different; its impact can be felt in our students’ mindset and behavior. MLP’s impact has gone beyond improving English to boosting students’ critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence, and motivation. MLP to me is that abundant source of hope, inspiration, and love. Students from underserved areas are giving more importance to reading as the real engine of change."

~Ali Amhal, Biougra, Morocco

English teacher, Ibn Sina High School

Founder of the Access Language Center

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