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Mara Girls Project

Our goal is to keep girls in school and help them thrive once there, enabling them to reach their full potential and build a positive path in life for themselves and their families. 


Girls are denied equal access to education in so many places, and in the rural Maasai Mara, the challenges are especially acute. Only 7% of girls in rural Narok County are reaching secondary school. Families often cannot afford school fees, and if they have funds for school, they'll likely use them to educate boys rather than girls. Teen girls also drop out of school because of a problem that can be easily solved: When they get their period they have no way to manage it, so they stay home a week every month and end up falling behind and leaving school. ​

For a girl in the Mara, leaving school often means early forced marriage and FGM.


Our top priority now is to provide high-quality sanitary kits for girls so they can manage their period and stay in school. We distribute these kits to girls, with a learning session on health and hygiene. use for 2 years

this is now our top priority for keeping girls in school

combined with a session on health education for girls


We partner with organizations who make the kits in country and are developing this enterprise at our own Women's Work Center. There is no more economical and impactful way to keep teen girls in school. 


3.4s of our scholarships are for girls... boost schools helps girls, began our work in the Mara at Mara Girls Leadership School, where we developed a modern library, and support for the teachers... 

Mouline, Jackie, and Sarah the day we finished the library in April 2019

"Mara Girls Library has already become of great help to the girls at school. They are able to study quietly in their free time now, which we never had before. The readers have been especially helpful for the beginners in building their language skills. We have seen that the girls are also becoming more confident from reading and learning. Three of the girls participated in the local music festival in June for the first time and proved to be eloquent public speakers at the event."  

~Mouline Otieno, Head Teacher

Meet Mara Girls graduate Jackie, as she talks about the impact of the library , hear dream career, and how she is ready to "change this community" 

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