Among our accomplishments so far this year

We launched the Talek Primary School Learning Resource Center in February, and it's already a "hub of transformation" for this large and formerly underserved school. This center is a model for our public school projects in the Maasai Mara.

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We launched the Maasai Mara High School Library in November and are continuing work on it in early 2022. We'll have more to tell you about this soon. 

We helped the new Access Language Center in Biougra (southern Morocco) with their public library. This innovative community center, which launched in January, hosts literacy classes and reading groups, and its library is the first public English library of this scale in rural Morocco.  

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We finished the Solar Home Library Project for the families of Mara Girls Leadership School living in earthen homes without power or light.

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We published an anthology from the 2020 MLP Short Story Competition in Morocco and the U.S., and our 2021 Competition has been under way all year, bringing together young voices from the far reaches of rural Morocco.

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We launched a Scholarship Program to send a student to an academic high school each year. The first recipient is a talented and determined young Maasai woman named Stellah.

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We held a Maasai Writing Day for students in the Maasai Mara, to write about their lives at home in 2020 during the Covid lockdown. We published their essays in a printed book for libraries and in an ebook.

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We ended the spring with an Earth Day Student Collaboration, supporting student environmental initiatives in Morocco, Kenya, California, and Pakistan. Each student group prepared a video of their project, which we shared in a virtual event on Earth Day evening.

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Among our plans for 2022

A Science Lab for Maasai Mara High School in Aitong.

A Library and Learning Resource Center for Aitong Primary School, modeled after our 2021 project at Talek Primary.

Continuing the MLP Short Story Competition for emerging young writers throughout rural Morocco, and publishing their stories.


The "Tree of Life" student writing project in the Souss region of Morocco, coordinated with a planting of indigenous argan trees, in partnership with the Access Language Center and local village association.

An Education and Sustainability Center in the Maasai Mara north of Aitong. This center will be at the convergence of the Mara North, Lemek, Olchorro, and Mara Isinya wildlife conservancies. It will support environmental programs including locally led conservation and reforestation, and community programs including water distribution, a women's sewing workshop, and vocational training.10 acres have been donated by a Maasai family for this project.